Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Application & Conclusion

Why do T.V advertisements have bright and colourful words and letters? Well it’s not just because they stand out, it’s also easier to remember! Companies don’t want to pay lots of money to have their advertisements forgotten! My Science Fair test will be useful to all companies that use and don’t use coloured adverts because it will inform them that colour is easier to remember. This information will also be useful for teachers or anyone else wanting to get someone to remember something, colour is the way to do it!

My hypothesis was proven correct because colour was by Far the easiest to remember! Most people scored between 20 and 30 in colour, which was very impressive! In this test I found out that depending on the person quite a few people got the same amount of coloured words right as black! Even though Black stands out more, if you want your advert, or any type of text remembered, colour is your best option!

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