Monday, June 02, 2008

Thinking about my investigation:

What do I know:
  • I know that T.V advertisements are always in colour so that gives me a bit of a clue, but do companies really know which is easier to REMEMBER?
  • I do know that you you react quicker to certain colours, but does that effect memory?

Possible questions that I would like to investigate:
  • Why do companies use bright colours for their advertisements? Is it just for presentation?
  • What part of the brain remembers and recognises colour? How do these parts function?
  • Which colour is easier to remember? (I am asking this question to find out what the results were, of other tests like mine.)

Links that help answer my questions:

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Nicola said...

Great work, Jess! You've clearly thought about your experiment thoroughly. This will give very interesting results, I'm sure!