Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Stage Two

Learning Intention:
  • Develop science fair vocabulary and comprehension of terms.
  • Plan a fair test.
Success Criteria:
  • Able to use science fair vocabulary in the correct context.
  • Able to plan a fair test considering variable and controls.
My Investigation question:
Is black and white or coloured text more easily remembered?

  1. Create the materials - list one and two; Pick about 40 words that the average 12 year old can spell. Make sure 20 of them are in colour and the other 20 in black and white. (NOTE: list one is the list you have to memorise)
  2. Pick another 40 words for list two and combine all words, ending up with 80 words. (NOTE: list two is the list you have to highlight the words you remember.
  3. Print out 41 copies of list one, 40 of list two. (An extra copy of list one is needed for an answer sheet)
  4. Write the instruction script, telling the people what they need to do and what's going to happen in the test.
  5. Select a time to gather the 40 people and start the test.
  6. Hand out the list one sheets to each person.
  7. Start the test and give them exactly two minutes to look at list one and memorise it.
  8. Wait 15 minutes and allow them a minute to review list one.
  9. Wait 10 minutes then review list one again, only for 30 seconds.
  10. Collect in the list one sheets.
  11. Explain the instructions for list two.
  12. Give each person the list two sheet and time exactly two minutes again.
  13. Gather all of the tests.
  14. Compare the data to see if they remembered words in colour better, or in black and white.
This is how I will make sure I have developed a fair test:
  1. Time EXACTLY two minutes - as the test time.
  2. Make sure everyone is spread out across the room so no one can cheat.
  3. Do the test at the same time of day e.g. just before lunchtime.
  4. Double check that I don't miss a word out on list two.
  5. Make sure there is exactly 25 girls and 25 boys.
  6. Do it in a quiet space where no one can get interrupted, while they are doing the test.

I will get my information from:

experts, internet, pamphlets/books, surveys, organisations.

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