Thursday, June 12, 2008

Stage Four

Learning Intention:
  • Record and analyse information
  • Draw a valid conclusion
Success Criteria
  • Keep detailed observational notes/diagrams
  • Use precise measurements.
  • Compare and contrast findings
  • Link findings to the hypothesis.

I will record my results using:
  • A table of data
  • photos / visuals
  • samples
  • Graphs
When I analyse my results I will:
  • calculate averages
  • draw graphs and interpret them
  • look for trends.
My conclusion will:
  • Show what I have found out.
  • consider the significance of the findings.
  • state whether the hypothesis is proved or disproved.

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Nicola said...

Marvelous! I think that is good that you put everything up - Learning Intentions and Success Criteria! Very detailed, keep up the good work!