Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Here's a Slide show of some of the pictures I took, of people doing the test:


Miss Sharrem said...

Visual Presentation: 3
Oral Presentation: 3
Effort: A
Overall mark: 3
Well done Jess! You did a fantastic job setting out your science fair and documenting every step on your science fair blog. You chose a topic that interests you and had a clear purpose. You did a great job analysing your results and conclusion, however in your hypothesis I would have liked you to refer to the research that you found to justify your hypothesis. Your oral presentation was clear and informative and your board was set out well and easy to follow.

Gail said...

Great work Jess- a very interesting experiment. I think that you have developed further skills and you have definitiely extended your thinking and discussion. I am really proud of you.
Mrs M.